16 January 2009

Toothpaste in the sink and other stuff.

Last night before bed, I sent C downstairs to brush his teeth. After I put him to bed, I went into the bathroom and saw that it looked as though the toothpaste tube had exploded in the sink. I grumble under my breath a bit and walk into the kitchen to get a Clorox wipe. After several swipes with the wipe, it's clean, but my attitude is still dirty.

It started yesterday with the arrival of the mail. We got our new energy bill and it is much higher than we expected. That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that we weren't even here for the first 2 weeks of billing, so the heat was only set at 62.5 degrees. Since we moved in, the highest the heat has been is 70* and I'm still chilly. And those of you who know me personally know that I am NEVER cold, so that is a big deal.

That bill did force me to get online for instructions as to how to program the thermostat for certain times of day. That was a bit frustrating in itself since the instructions weren't entirely clear, but I persisted and figured it out.

And there's the whole matter of our new phone/Internet company. They start billing us on the 12Th of December and don't send a modem for the Internet until the fifth of January. Then they send us a bill that is outrageous and Jon just pays it without so much as a question.

Then about an hour ago something occurred to me. I haven't been into the Word in several days. I've had quite a bit of time and I haven't used it to the best of my ability. And in the meantime, I'm focusing on everything that isn't what I expected instead of focusing on God and what His plan is.

Even as I fell down the stairs this morning at 6am, I am sure that this is where He wants us to be. I just need to trust Him and more importantly pray for His grace and help to adjust my attitude.

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