21 January 2009

I Solomnly Swear.

As I was glued to my television set yesterday for the inauguration of our new President, I had the feeling that it was the start of new things for our country. President Obama *knows* that there are challenges ahead and he embraces them head on. I will endeavor to do my part also and pray for our President, his family and his cabinet.

I've been avoiding making some changes in my own life. And so yesterday it became clear to me that NOW is the time. No more hoping for the best. No more expecting my husband or kids to shape up so that my life is better. No more "if I ignore it, it'll go away."

So let me give you a couple of things in my life that I vow to change during the new Presidency.

-My weight has been a struggle for me for years. I am an emotional eater, a lover of food and a hater of exercise. All of those things are terrible in combination. So during this presidency, I vow, in baby steps, to do what is best for me and get to a healthy weight. Eat healthier, cook healthier, and move more.

-I vow to read my Bible every day. I am terrible at this; I start out gung-ho and then life throws me a curve and I abandon one of the aspects of my life that I need to concentrate on most. No more. I have a great NIV study bible that will even tell me *what* to read each day. And can I tell you that I set my alarm 15 minutes early and for the last two days have gotten in that time before anyone else rises for the day. And it really starts my day off on a great note.

So help me God.

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