22 January 2009

Let's play!

Here are the rules. You have to come up with 25 things about yourself. Then tag the person who tagged you and 5 others. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you!

Here goes:

1. I never learned how to swim.

2. My favorite foods are quite easily pizza and chocolate.

3. I was born at 28 weeks in ’74 with a 30% chance of survival.

4. I played clarinet in 6th and 7th grade.

3. I have a September birthday as do 9 members of my extended family.

4. I started a blog last summer.

5. My husband and I never had a honeymoon.

6. My oldest child was 22 days old on my 22nd birthday.

7. I have a home made Cabbage Patch doll. Her name is Shelly.

8. I can’t rollerskate.

9. I’ve been 5’2” since I was 14 years old.

10. I never went to college beyond my freshman year.

11. I am an obsessive hand-washer.

12. I hate making my bed.

13. I have been on mission trips to San Francisco (’91) and NYC (’03).

14. I always wanted a daughter named Emily. I have a 4yo niece named Emily instead.

15. I am a Nazarene PK.

16. I had 3 roommates my freshman year of college.

17. I hate peas.

18. I also hate bananas.

19. Add applesauce to that list too.

20. I weighed 2 pounds 11 oz at birth and was 14” long.

21. I won my first trophy when I was 7 years old.

22. I sang “He’s Still Working On Me” at that competition, as did 95% of the other entrants.

23. I’m going to be an auntie again for the 4th time this summer.

24. I love Diet Coke.

25. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I tag Helen, The Meanest Mom and Mom Blog.

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