20 January 2009

Needed: Date Night

Needed: Date Night

#1 Two or more hours of uninterrupted time with spouse.
#2 Must leave the primary residence.
#3 Must keep conversations about the children to a minimum.
#4 Must plan a fun activity to do together

Bonus: Babysitter not required as children are finally old enough to be home alone for said time.

We need a date night badly. I hate to admit this, but our last date night consisted of dinner at Dead Lobster and then a trip to J's office. We were home by 9pm. And the worst part; that was in OCTOBER!

I had been trying to get J to agree to go to lunch with me once a week. Just before school started in September, I suggested that he pick the day of the week since his schedule was more complex than mine; and as soon as I was free from my gig at the school, I could even meet him somewhere for lunch.

Never happened.

After a few weeks, I stopped suggesting it because it seemed to annoy him and then I just gave it up altogether.

But what is our excuse for not having a date night?

In the beginning, it was because we'd have to hire a babysitter. Then it just became that once our regular sitter was out of college, she was very busy and not always available. Fastforward several years and it took me several weeks after M's 12th birthday to convince J that M was old enough and responsible enough to watch C for short periods of time.

And yet, since our anniversary in October, we've had one time where we had a lunch to ourselves that I can think of. That was the day we closed on the house last month.

If I didn't know better, I'd think that J doesn't *want* to go out alone with me.

I'm going to persist and broach the subject with him again this evening.

We'll see what happens.

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