15 January 2009

Not our best idea.

I'm referring to having a second child when the first was already over 5 years old.

M was nearly five and a half when C was born. He pretty much loved on his brother from the minute C arrived home....for the first 5 minutes.

Lately, it seems that unless electronics are involved, they can't get along for more than ten minutes at a time.

And now that M is twelve, we have to constantly remind him that HE is NOT the parent, so he needs to back off.

This morning has had a number of it's own issues already. And I was in bed until almost 10am due to a bout of stomach virus yesterday.

So far today, I've heard the following:

"Mom, M won't let me........."

"Mom, C's not picking up." To which I reply, "did I ask you to lord over him? I don't think so."

"Mom, M called me a brat." My reply? "Probably because you're acting like one." (Not my most stellar parenting moment.)

While I know (okay, HOPE is a better word) that they will be friends someday, is it too much to ask for them to get along now?!?

There'd better be school tomorrow.

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~~Missy~~ said...

It doesn't matter if there is 2yrs or 5 yrs. Siblings fight. Unfortunately, it is one of the negatives of being a mother.
I hope you feel better soon.