26 January 2009

Food For Thought

A fellow blogger, at Mom Revolution had a great idea last week that she suggested fellow bloggers implement.

For every comment that my blog receives this week, my family and I are going to donate one non-perishible food item to a local food bank.

Your comments will feed my ego and will more importantly help to feed the hungry in my community!

So, don't forget to make those comments!

My family and hungry families everywhere thank you.


Helen said...

Yay! The comments are working again!

That picture of the sandwich made me want a sandwich... :)

Jen said...

So sorry, there seems to be a glitch on being able to comment here. I'll try and get it fixed asap.

Jen said...

Seems to be okay again. I'll even count my own comments, but this is the last one!

Heather said...

hey hope this works

~~Missy~~ said...

What a great idea!

Art Hanson said...

I thought about leaving one word comments in a a bunch if boxes to get the number higher. But then I thought better of it..