30 January 2009

He's lucky I love him.

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It's 1:23am. And I'm blogging. Why?!? My dear husband, of course.

He is a night owl. He comes from a long line of night owls. I *used* to be a night owl.....till I had children. These days I'm lucky to still be awake to catch the 10 o'clock news.

But here's the problem with his hours as opposed to mine. I am a light sleeper (that's a change too) and anything he does has the potential of waking me. Sometimes just in him coming to bed, I end up awake. To the point where my brain is convinced that I just had a really quality nap and it's time to be up. Most of the time though, I am able to fall back asleep. Most of the time.

Tonight, I'm sure he had been in bed for a little while; it started with me realizing that he was hovering over me and saying something about "....the trap...". To which I reply, "Honey, go back to sleep, you're keeping people up." Obviously, I ooze charm and sympathy in the middle of the night.

Then wouldn't you know it but I find myself having to come all the way downstairs to the bathroom. (His idea of putting in a bathroom upstairs is starting to grow on me.) And when I'm back upstairs listening to him snore, all I want to do is smother him with his own pillow.

As soon as that thought occurs to me, I remember something about fibers from an old CSI episode and realize that I'm sure that will mean that our insurance company will refuse to pay out his death benefit.

Plus, orange is not a flattering color for me.

So, he's safe for tonight.
I'm going to see what's on TV.

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~~Missy~~ said...

I am the night owl in our family. It really stinks at times and gets lonely.