16 January 2009

The (short) tale of the kitchen timer.

Moving from an apartment to this house has been interesting; it has meant some adjustments for everyone.

My adjustment, you ask?? I can't hear the oven timer.

Now in my defense, right now there is the humidifier running full-time and the sound of the furnace to contend with also. I always thought the computer was loud until we starting running the humidifer in the next room. Turns out I can't hear the computer at all either.

Tonight was almost a disaster. After placing dinner in the oven and setting the timer, I come to the den and sit at the computer. I get sucked into checking updates on facebook unaware, basically, of how much time has passed. I start to notice that I can smell what it is that's in the oven.

When I can pull myself away from facebook (around 3 or so minutes later), I get into the kitchen to hear the timer buzzing its little heart out. I pull the cookie sheet from the oven to discover that all is well. This time. Whew.

It's on my list to get one of the timers that I can set and bring with me to the den or wherever I happen to roam.

To prevent dinner disasters that I have no way of recovering.

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