14 January 2009

It isn't much, but it's ours.

As many of you know, Jon and I just purchased our first home last month. It really is a buyers market, as they say. We were able to get more than we hoped for quite a bit less than we imagined.

There is work to do, as you can imagine. Work that needed done for basic function and work that we want to do just to make it nicer. We have a couple of projects come spring/summer and I really need to decide what color(s) to paint the downstairs.

C has already decided that he wants his room painted red; now we're just into negotiations as to how many walls will go all red. I told Jon that I just hate for him to decide that he *hates* the color in a few years and have to paint over it. So, I'm thinking one red wall and of course C is thinking four. LOL

Anyway, the other day, I decided that it'd be fun to take pics of the "before", so I've started doing just that. I've been teasing Jon that every project so far should have been documented on film; he hasn't thought so.

Let me just give you a few pics of what the downstairs looks like so far:

This is the dining room. Who carpets a dining room anyway?? That will HAVE to go!

One kitchen view:

Another kitchen view:

Contrary to the pics, the living room walls are peach. Ick.

But then there's the feature of the house that I LOVE!

Stay tuned!

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~~Missy~~ said...

Cute house!
We actually put ours on film and went around and video taped everything before we even moved in.
When we get discouraged about our house, we go back to watch it and it is nice to see how much we have actually gotten done.