23 January 2009

More Patience.

I admit, I am one of the most impatient people in the world. When I want something, I want it now. When I tell my boys to do something, I want it done immediately. Jon will drag his heels on things intentionally, just to make me wait. That only succeeds in making me anxious and sometimes making me angry.

But then I think of my Heavenly Father.
Is He impatient? No way.
Do I deserve for Him to be impatient with me? I’m sure I do.
But that’s not His way.

He so desires for us to be in relationship with Him that He’ll even wait for us to come to Him. Sometimes He waits years and years; that’s a supreme example of patience if I ever knew one.

Here again, I admit that I need to work on this. I tend to be very impatient with the boys, especially C, who knows exactly how to push my buttons. And it seems that through some of what I’ve seen lately, all my impatience is doing is teaching him to be impatient with others. Yikes.

And so I bite my tongue, take a deep breath, count to ten—sometimes all at once. And it takes time to teach an old dog new tricks, so I’m not perfect in my quest to be more patient. But I’m working on it. To follow the example of Jesus.

Patient with my husband.
Patient with my boys.
Patient in line at the store.
Patient behind the wheel.
Patient wherever I find myself.

Because He is patient with me and I am so grateful.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

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