30 April 2009

You deserve a break today

The thrill is gone. When I started this blog, I didn't really have any idea what I was getting into. And I didn't start it for anyone to read, necessarily, but now that I've been doing this almost NINE months and still have very few daily readers, it begs a question.


Is it because I don't have writing ability? Maybe

Is it because my life isn't exciting enough to blog about? That's true some of the time.

Is it because blogging really is a popularity contest and I am the girl with the limp who gets picked second to last EVERY time? (FTR, I really was that girl in elementary school.) Could be.

Is it because I have blogged EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY for WEEKS and I am just burnt out? That's probably most of it.

If you follow me (and you KNOW who you are), I'd really like to know *why* it is that you follow me....what keeps you coming back??

**** FTR, I REALLY APPRECIATE MY FOLLOWERS! You have great blogs, ladies; keep up the good work(so that I have something to read when I should be scrubbing toilets!).****

If you read but DON'T follow me, tell me why. (Contrary to what you may believe, I can take it.....)

In the meantime, Flashback Friday will continue at its regularly scheduled time and then I'll be back when I get back.

That's all I can promise for now.


Emily said...

Hi, I just found you from Amanda's blog and I can relate to what you feel. I have had a hard time getting new readers, and I still only very few and I have been blogging since August 2007.

Hope you change your mind, I would like to continue reading!!!!

Helen said...

I started following you because I wondered who this Jen person was that kept commenting on my blog ;)

~~Missy~~ said...

I have the same feeling about my own blog at times. But, I try to keep in mind that I started it with the intention of getting my own thoughts and ideas out there and whoever wanted to read them could read them.

Hmmm....why do I keep coming to your blog? I love your faith and relationship with the Lord and how you are not afraid to post about it or show others how it affects your life.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

It was slow for me too. Keep plugging away. Keep at it. Join as many blog directories as you can. That helps! Get the word out!
I love your blog!