20 April 2009


In the last few days, several changes have been made at this house.

I now have a garbage disposal in my kitchen. *crowd roars*

I have several pics of that project in progress, but Dad was reluctant for me to post them, so I won't.

The living room cold air return register is now about 98% in its proper place. No more tripping on that if I get up from that same side of the couch. *yay!*

It was a family project minus C but including Grandma and Grandpa, but we FINALLY got all the leaves raked and bagged and gone from the backyard! AND discovered that I may have a rasberry cane back there and at least 50 lillies. (To go, of course with the 50 or so on the side of the house.)

The bathroom ceiling pics are self- explanatory.

After: (yay!) It's only "plain white" but SO prefered to "waterstain brown"!
(now to do something about the brown 1970's flower pattern!)

And then yesterday, Jon and I went to my Alltel provider and got a cell to use as the home phone. We are also planning to use the internet through them and can then say GOODBYE to our current ISP, and we will save between $25-$30 a month.

Oh, and this morning, I awoke to THIS!


Helen said...

Well look at your new digs! Very nice! That's a lot of home home owner stuff you took care of!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Cripes, you got a lot done! Plus a new look for your blog too--I'm lovin' it!
Didn't that snow look DISGUSTING! At least it melted, that's the best part of April snow. Such a rude awakening after our warm Saturday!

amanda said...

oh gotta love wisconsin in spring time!! :0) i mailed out your package today!!