06 April 2009

Welcome Spring Break!

Caleb wants to keep calling it summer break. Matthew and his band instructor have a countdown going that *I think* is 45 days of school left upon return to school next week.

I love this...I'm up and so is Jon, but that's it. Now, as sure as shootin', Caleb will be up soon. He's just not the type that can sleep in. But I really love that I didn't have to set my own alarm this morning and don't have to keep glancing at the clock to see what time it is! (although I am still doing the clock thing!)

What will we do with this glorious week? That depends largely on the unpredictable Wisconsin spring weather. If we get more sunny/40ish days like yesterday, I'm sure that we will spend time in the yard. If it rains, then maybe to town to get some movies.

Caleb has a well-check appointment tomorrow. I promised the boys lunch out, that'll probably mean McDonalds. Matthew wants to try Panera Bread on West College, but when I went by last week, the sign out front still says "Coming Soon". So we'll see.

We also have plans to have biscuits and gravy one morning for breakfast. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is to Matthew; he loves them.

And since it's Easter week, we'll also color 2 dozen eggs on Friday. I'll try and get pics of the majority of the happenings this week.

Pray for Stellan. He had an up and down weekend and some bouts of SVT. Treatment is uncertain and the rest of the MckKids have been sick this week also. Pray for them.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Fun week! We still have school at St. Martin--they have Thursday, Friday, and next Monday off. We were in Appleton today, and ate at a Chinese restaurant on the south side.
Biscuits and Gravy---yum!