09 April 2009

Clean bedrooms and anti-depressants

Today's task is to get the boys' bedrooms up to "Mom's standard" of clean. When I mentioned it yesterday, the announcement was followed by groans of agony and whispers of "oh, great".

Seems that they don't care for my standard of clean. But their college roommates will.

Jon has once again decided that he needs to quit smoking, so he visited our PCP for a prescription. And my parents are coming from Michigan for a visit next week. The funny thing is that Jon had made the same decision two years ago, just before my parents visited. Is there a reason that he feels the need to be medicated when they visit? Gosh, I hope not.

Let's pray that he can stick with it this time....he caved to the peer pressure from co-workers last time and the suggestion that he did better work with the nicotine. (I could KILL that guy!) At over $6 a pack and almost a pack a day, it's going to be very lucrative for him to quit... I told him that if he doesn't smoke for 30 days, I can paint the living room! Oh, and that he is more than welcome to join the gym, as long as there is money to start painting.......the PEACH has GOT to GO! :)

Oh, and on a side note, I wanna thank Esther over at The Mommy Diaries for confirmation on my Wordless post yesterday. Maybe I could get YOU to come over and give me a tour of what's growing in my yard...hint, hint. It'd save me the extra hassle of asking my mother-in-law! :)

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Hey, no problem, friend! I'll come over and walk through your yard any day. Just don't make me clean your boys' rooms. I've got enough boy messes already! ;-)