07 April 2009

Give Thanks!

This morning, I am thankful for:

-the sufficient grace of my Lord and Savior.
-diet Mt. Dew
-the hope of high 40's today
-that the boys and I survived the first day of spring break
-that Matthew has made some connections at school that are good for him.
-Caleb makes me smile every day
- flowers are coming up in the yard!!
-the power of prayer
- Jon, whose favorite place of the day is home with us!
- readily available food and clean water
- coffee

What are your "thankful things" today?!?!?

Keep praying for sweet Stellan!


Helen said...

I'm thankful that spring is supposed to reappear here in Kansas City today! We're not supposed to have snow and freeze warnings in April!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Healthy children, chocolate, pushing my kids on their swings, Christ died for ME! And you too!