01 February 2011

cheering section

Do you have any idea how important the support of others is on a journey to get healthy?

HUGE, I tell you. At least it is for me.

I don't own a scale at the moment, so I really have no idea how my workouts are working by the numbers. And maybe I don't really want to know. Maybe this whole "throw out the scale and go by my clothes" thing is something I should have done a long time ago.

But while I don't have a scale, I appreciate other things. Like my coworker Kayla telling me that she can see that I'm losing and that my new pants are cute.

Like Grandma Jo telling me that I'm SO skinny. heee, heee. Maybe not, I hadn't seen her in months, but I'll take it.

My friend Esther told me she could see it in my face. Then I went home and looked in the mirror and I could (sorta) see it too.

Carrie said "Hey, you're getting healthy and that's important."

Jon says my waist is smaller. I haven't actually had a waist in several years, so it's a start. (ahem)

Even from my facebook friends; I've gotten in the habit of posting my mile (or two mile) times and as they're going down, I'm getting support. It feels great and gives me the boost to keep going.

Sometimes I think "Is that bragging? Do I really need to post my time? And does anyone actually care?" And then I think, sure it's bragging, but it's about doing something good for myself, and as my times are getting lower, it's keeping me on track. And I'm sure that several of my posts are not getting attention from some, and that's okay. Those that are posting are very encouraging to me and it helps SO much.

There is no "I" in TEAM, you know, and they're like my little team.

You know who you are. And thanks.


Esther said...

You're welcome. I'm here when you need me. :-)

Lindsey said...

A little cheering goes a long way, doesn't it? Thanks for commenting on the blog today :)
It's so encouraging to get feedback, and I'm glad that some key people in your life are letting you know that they can see your success. And yay for you for finding your waist again! Keep it up!

A PriorFatGirl