24 February 2011

Dear Albuterol Inhaler

Dear Albuterol Inhaler,

While you're doing a decent job allowing me to breathe while pushing myself on the treadmill, you could step it up a notch. And I'm not really crazy about the jitters you provide for hours afterward, just in case you wondered about that.

I mean, do you know how hard it is to check in on my face book friends when my hands won't stop shaking?

And just so you know, unlike your predecessor who I could ignore since I wasn't exercising regularly, you and I are going to be best friends. Doctor's orders. So it's just in your best interest to do your job and no one will get hurt.

But even if you decide to only give me marginal effort, I want you to know that you buddy Asthma is not going to slow me down; despite my disappointment in the doctor telling me that regardless of my weight loss, I'm gonna be stuck with him.

You do your job and I'll continue on a path to make Treadmill wish I were never born.

I'm glad we could have this talk.

On you I depend,


1 comment:

Wife of Keith said...

Yeah! What she said!! You better watch it A.I.!!!