03 February 2011

big girl panties

You know what happens when you get full of yourself and rock the boat? You just so happen to get the extra hours you asked for, but they're all the crap ones that no one else will do without whining., ie: 4:30- 10pm on a week night and three Saturdays in a row.

But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes you have to be an adult and just deal; rather than "I don't really like this, so I think I'll quit". That's what the kids do when they wanna go to a New Year's Eve party and got scheduled and can't twist anyone's arm hard enough to get rid of the shift.

So, since I really need this job, and aside from the late nights, I really do like it, I'll put on my happy face and charge through.

But I don't plan to ask for anything ever again.

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