22 February 2011


You know how easy it can be to make excuses? Excuses to not work out and to not eat the best you can?

Friday was the last day I got in a workout. My justification was that I had to work all day Saturday and I'd done weight training on Friday, so I could skip my Saturday workout and things would be okay.

Fully intending to wake early Sunday morning and get in a mile before church, when the alarm went off at 5:30, I heard it. And for about two minutes, I was considering getting up. Then I realized that I was more sore from Friday's workout than the day before and I rolled over and slept another hour.

Then comes Monday. Since the towns on either side of us got 13.4 inches of snow and 13.9 inches of snow, Jon's boss called and told him to stay home till noon. The boys were already out of school for President's Day (first time EVER they got that!). The next justification for me was that it's harder to work out when the house is full of people. I can't use the upstairs TV because there isn't room and the downstairs TV is stuck on the Disney Channel. (Not actually. hahaha) Jon's at the computer so I'm just gonna be bothering him if I get on the treadmill.

On and on and on.

And you know what automatically happens when I don't get in my workouts? I don't eat well either. Imagine that. So I'm here to report that the last three days has been filled with pasta dishes and pretzels and barely any vegetables.

And I wonder why I'm feeling gross. Geesh.

But no more. Today is a new day. And to make up for my shortcomings the last few days, I'm getting in THREE miles on the treadmill as soon as I finish this post.

Oh, and I bought a new scale. And it weighs four tenths heavier than the scale at my doctor's office. But I'm vowing not to obsess about that. And I need to maybe start taking Evening Primrose Oil...anyone take it? Trying to do my own research on that one..... And eliminate caffeine and caffeine seems to be my lifeline to keep this up these days...any tips?

So much to catch up on and Caleb's ninth birthday is Friday. But I'm off to the treadmill before another excuse appears! Have a great day!

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Ironic that we both wrote about the same thing today! We both wrote "I haven't been to the gym in blah blah blah..." and followed it with "I feel like blah blah blah"

Time for us to pick up our rear-ends and fix this!