10 February 2011

what you see

There is no such thing as a full-length mirror in this house. In fact, I haven't really seen anything from my neck down in a mirror in a couple of years, unless you count seeing my reflection in a store window from time to time and thinking "holy crap!" (sorry, Mom). We had a full-length mirror that I avoided at all cost, but it was one of those cheap $5 ones and it separated from the frame so we finally ditched it when we moved here two years ago.

The medicine cabinet mirror in the bathroom is 18"x12" at best, and positioned just so that I think it's too high to see anything and Jon complains of it being too low.

Darn that 12" height difference, heehee.

But you know where there are mirrors? Work. That's right. The top third of the back wall is covered with mirror so that the clerk up front can pretty much see almost everything going on in the aisle.

And there are mirrors in the bathrooms that it's my job to clean on the nights I close the cosmetics department.

And I've seen my reflection whether I wanted to or not.

That used to be an automatic "or not". But I've been working out a minimum of 4 days a week for the last six to eight weeks and I can tell from what I can see that certain things about my body are changing.

Yesterday, I caught some reflection of my torso in the television screen and thought, "gee, it does kinda look thinner". Jon tells me it is, but as my husband, his opinion doesn't hold as much weight as he'd like to think. But that's an issue in my head entirely.

I made the HUGE mistake (pun slightly intended) of never taking my measurements when I started working out. And I'm regretting that now, for sure, let me tell ya. I don't own a scale right now either, so I'm relying solely on my clothes; some days that's good, other days, that's frustrating.

I'm scheduled to see my doctor next week for a physical, something I haven't done in at least three years. And I know for a fact when I saw him sixteen months ago that when I got on the scale at his office the nurse said "one eighty-seven" and I rolled my eyes and cringed.

I'd love to go to Dr. S's office next week and crack the 160's, although with my clothes on, I probably won't. But even some progress according to his scale will be good, right?

I think that on my way home from that appointment, I'm getting a full length mirror.

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