04 February 2011

Seven Quick Takes- Happier & Healthier Edition

1. I caught my reflection in the mirror at work this week, or rather, stopped to look at it, and it sure looks to me like I'm getting smaller. That's making all the time I've spent panting and sweating on the treadmill almost worth it.

2. I'm noticing that the better I eat, the better I want to eat. That's amusing to me. I made a run to the grocery store last night after work and I was actually craving salad. So I bought some ready to eat greens and had a large bowl of greens with a Smart Ones steak flatbread sandwich. Tasty stuff, I tell ya.

3. Water, water, water. We bought a Brita pitcher to keep water in the fridge and that's been the best thing- to be able to grab a cold glass of water whenever I get thirsty. Now if I can always drink more water in a day than Diet Coke.

4. I'm trying like heck to break the 16 minute mile pace on the treadmill. It's tough, but I'm not giving up. Two miles at a time, I'm building endurance and it feels great to take out some of my frustrations of the workday pounding the deck with the music loud.

5. Someone left a magazine on the break table that I'd been perusing the last few days. It's a health and fitness one, although I don't remember the name. But one thing I was reading really stood out to me.

"It's your mind- not your body- that will either help you to succeed or doom you to failure."

6. If you don't read Prior Fat Girl, you need to. It's a great blog where several ladies contribute regularly about their weight loss and healthiness journeys. I don't even remember how I found the blog, but I've read every post for the last several weeks and it's really been a helpful tool for me to keep myself on track.

7. I think that the best thing that I can do for my boys is to be healthier. To make time for my workouts even if that means closing myself off for the first half hour after I get home at night or the first part of the morning to get in some time on the treadmill. I'm getting healthier (slowly), I'm happier with myself and my appearance and overall everything will come together in time. It's a good thing.


NayLahKnee LahKnee said...

Keep moving! Both you and PFG are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth? When I first started my healthy living journey, I CRAVED everything that wasn't "acceptable." Now? I'm ready to dive into a plate of roasted veggies without a second thought. It's so strange how that works.