23 February 2011

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday

Good Morning! Just a few things running around in my brain that I thought I'd share.

- Matthew did a great job last night at solo/ensemble on TWO class A pieces. His band director played a little trick on him and never told him the trumpet trio piece was a class A, she figured that he'd freak out big time at doing two class A's. She told him when it was all over.

-His solo judge was tough but helpful. And Matthew finished with a 2, which only gives him room for improvement. Maybe shows him that more practice time at home wouldn't hurt. I'll try and get the solo uploaded in a few days.

- My nephew Sean is turning ten tomorrow. That's amazing stuff and he's a great kid.

- I still haven't had a chance to meet my great-niece and it's driving me CRAZY.

- Is spring EVER coming? Seriously, I am OVER winter.

- I wanna be able to get new kitchen appliances before Ladies Retreat next month. I'm sick of fighting for space with my old refrigerator.

- I spent three days horribly off track with eating and exercise. But yesterday, I completed a 5k on the treadmill. Today I was running (haha) short on time, so one mile in 14:56 is done. It's hard for me to stay focused, but if I do, it's totally gonna be worth it in the end.

- And finally, I LOVE when I can get Lean Cuisine entrees on sale!

There you have it- have a great day!

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