31 January 2011

so much stuff

On Saturday, Matthew participated in the Eastern Valley Conference Middle School Honors Band. And not only that, but he sat THIRD CHAIR for the trumpets. We were so proud. For a middle school band, they sounded AWESOME. Honors Choir was there too and that was pretty cool; made me miss choir and those kinds of events.

I've learned the secret to getting rid of tempting breakfast leftovers...take it to church. I made coffee cake on Saturday morning for yesterday's breakfast; three pieces were eaten and so I thought, "well, I bet I could get rid of this during Sunday School." I cut it into smaller pieces and left it by the coffee pots; I was pretty pleased to see that an hour later, a couple of ladies were helping themselves to the last of the cake. Saves me from having to ignore it all week as it calls to me from the kitchen.

Our Pastor's parents were visiting from Ohio and attended church services yesterday. During the time in worship when we get to greet one another, Grandma Jo turned around and said "You look so skinny!" And that was BEFORE I hugged her! Made my day.....

We had Jon's brother and family in for dinner last night. They only live about an hour from us but it seems that we need to travel to my in-laws to see them the most. And that's sad. Schedules just don't accommodate us as we'd really like. And being that it was a school night, it was sort of an "eat and run", but still nice to see them. Seth, who's just about 2 and a half, loved the cat. The feeling was not mutual. We ate Esther's manicotti and it was a huge hit! Huge. Thank you again, my friend.

Okay, with that, I'm off to workout. Have a great day, everyone!

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