18 January 2011

like a little kid at Christmas

Let me try to condense this for you.

I've read Angie Smith's blog, Bring the Rain, for more than a couple of years. She has been such an encouragement to me with her posts and her girls are to die for!

She announced that she was taking part in a new project here. Again, a great place to read posts of faith by others, be challenged, be convicted if necessary, be refreshed.

A week or so ago, it was announced that there would be a book club. I love to read so I thought, hey, this sounds like a great idea.

Checking back yesterday, the book was announced. And the book could be purchased for only ten dollars. That I could swing.

The closest bookstore to me that carried the book is over 30 miles away and the book is more expensive. So maybe I should just order and wait. But I'm not very good at waiting. Hmmmm.

In addition to getting the book club selection for the awesome price of ten dollars, you could also get free shipping on your book if you were to purchase a second book as a sponsor for someone who would want to participate in the book club but couldn't afford a book.

Seems easy enough.

But you wouldn't believe the things that started going through my mind as I ordered my own book.

"Can you really afford that ten dollars? You might have to explain yourself when Jon sees the checking entry.... Are you sure you're gonna read it, you get gung-ho about a lot of things and never follow through.....what are you gonna do if this changes your life? It might mean uncomfortable changes, you know....."

And on and on and on.

I took a deep breath and hit "sponsor book" first, then went back and ordered my own book. I had to get up from the computer and find my purse to use my debit card and when I sat down to enter the info, I heard "Are you sure you wanna do this?!?"

Yep, I'm sure.

Getting started on that book was all I could think about the rest of the day. I even checked my email first thing this morning and to my disappointment, my book hasn't shipped yet. But it will. And I will read it. And I will participate in the book club and I look forward to making the most of this. To seeing what God has in store for me as I read this book.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

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