06 January 2011

catch up

We inherited a 32-inch television from Jon's boss. He and his wife decided to get a new tv, he asked Jon if we wanted it and apparently we did.

Problem? Our current tv stand only held up to a 27 inch tv. That television went upstairs and took the playstation 2 and Band Hero with it. To the playroom. Yay.

Additional problem? We can't find a stand that will fit said 32" tv. After what was about 3 weeks of it sitting on the floor in the living room, I said to Jon, "Hon, you think the coffee table will hold the tv?" He wasn't sure, but he called Matthew and they moved it. Not without a comment or two from me though- most notably "Don't put your butt through the window, babe". I know, I know.

Turns out, it works fine. And a bonus would be that it seems to have opened up the living room a bit. Doesn't seem so crowded. Yay, a solution and a bonus.

Are you surprised about the new report linking vaccines and autism? I'm not. And I know several parents who either did not vaccinate their kids or delayed vaccinations due to that 1998 study. I wasn't one of those parents. Not that either choice wasn't valid for personal reasons, parenting is full of decisions; I'm just not really surprised that there's fraud involved. It's sad, really. It's one thing for medicines to not "really" do what they promise, it's another entirely, in my opinion, to intentionally scare and mislead people for more than a decade. And know that what you're backing is totally wrong.


Jon's working hourly now. Something about new tax laws for small business. Keeping Jon at the same number of hours that he's worked for almost seven years would mean that his boss would basically have to double his salary. That'd been nice. Nicer than I can wrap my head around, really. But the cheaper route, to keep the doors of the office open longer potentially, would be to pay Jon for forty hours a week. Not forty seven, which is what he'd been working.

Now, with an hour for lunch and the office closed an hour early, Jon's getting paid for the hours he's putting in. Finally. And he did get a bit of a raise also, which is nice. We haven't run into working emergency weekend hours and having to compensate with time off in the middle of the week yet, but I'm sure we will. He's always told me "Computers don't break on an 8-5 Monday through Friday schedule". We'll see.

Christmas office dinner is tonight. I'd much rather just have dinner out with my husband. And that's how I feel about that!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

What did Jon say about Red Lobster? I forgot to ask today.