10 January 2011


Yesterday afternoon, Jon asked me what I wanted for lunch after church. Since I had to work in the mid-afternoon, our choices were sorta limited.

We ended up at Subway, which I was totally fine with.

But you know what I wanted? I wanted a Spicy Italian sub with provolone cheese, mayo...I'm sure you get the picture.

Although I'm sure you know that this weight loss thing is about making changes that I can stick with. Being confident in making the best choices that I can while out and about so I don't ruin days of running sprints and watching my portions with just one meal.

So I was the last one to order, since I was having a tug-of-war with myself. Was the pepperoni in the sub really worth it? How many extra days of sprints would I have to run to work it off? Is the black forest ham sub really going to be any good? Light mayo or mustard?

It's a lot of pressure, I tell ya.

I took a deep breath and ordered a foot long sub with black forest ham. My intent was half now for lunch and half later, after work, for dinner. No one batted an eye. The sandwich girl asked me if I wanted my sub toasted and I said, yes, of course. Then her next question was "What kind of cheese?"

Another deep breath and my reply was "no cheese".

You'd have thought I ran over a puppy in the parking lot the way Jon and Matthew reacted. It was amusing.

Yes, I know my reputation is that all cheese and cheese product that enters the house must be approved by me. That I've been known to slice and eat a half pound block of cheese with crackers for a snack in one sitting. No one said I should ever be proud of these things.

But things change. When you know better, you do better. And that's my aim. Mustard, "free" veggies and no cheese are small steps to where I'm headed. And yes, I missed the cheese and I sure as heck hope it'll be worth it.

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youngwesley said...

So I won't be stopping at the cheese castle for you. Got it! :-)