14 January 2011

She's so right

It's been quite an interesting week for this momma.

First, as I was cleaning house this week, I discovered a piece of mail from my alma mater on the dining room table. I thought "oh, I can open that later; I'm sure it's not that important. Probably just a solicitation for money to continue to fund the new chapel."

You can't imagine my shock when I discovered as I went to open the letter that it was not addressed to me but rather our fourteen year old son. He was almost as surprised as I was. Almost.

Fast forward a couple of days as I called Mom to find out if she had her summer vacation dates available. She did and has two weeks off work this summer and told me that whichever one works better for us is fine with her. It'll just depend on a couple of things; first, my ability to get time off from my job and second, the summer band schedule.

Except I'll never find the dates for band camp looking at the middle school calendar.

High school is coming so fast my head is spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Except without the pea soup.

Mom said life is a speed trap. I've always joked with Matthew that I wanted to keep him forever. It seems as though my idea of forever isn't the same as his these days.

I'm sure I'll be fine. High school will bring additional challenges but also additional opportunities.
I'm also fairly confident that Matthew will do just fine.

This morning, the Lord reminded me that Matthew wasn't really mine to begin with. He's been a gift from Him from the start, on loan as it were. We've had the opportunity to watch him learn and grow, making the best choices for him we could, while letting the Lord guide his steps and ours.

And I just need to (try to) continue to let go and trust that Matthew will learn to make the right decisions with the Lord's help. Because the next four years will vanish like a vapor.

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