25 August 2009

molasses taffy

In memory of my Grandma and in honor of what would have been her 90th birthday, I took the opportunity to teach the boys how to make her molasses taffy. Some of my best memories of time with Grandma were while making taffy with her and my cousin Renee'.

First, bring the molasses, sugar, vinegar and butter to a boil; stirring constantly.

Next, cook it slowly to "hard ball" stage then add baking soda.

Then place it into buttered pans and let cool til it can be handled.

When cooled just a bit, you pull....

And pull....

And pull.....

Once it's light colored and firm, draw into sticks (or snakes, as we always called them) and cut with scissors.

Delicious! Caleb's already declared "molasses taffy is my FAVORITE!"

Happy birthday to my Grandma. I hope she'd have been pleased with how we remembered her today.

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Missy said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma. I'm sure she would have been honored at how you chose to remember her today.