19 August 2009

the boys are back in town

Sorry for neglecting the blog the last couple days; it's been busy around here.

Saturday, Matthew marched in his third ever parade. Seems that each parade is more flashy and involved than the next. After Matthew finally went by with the middle school band, Jon and I started dubbing it "the parade that never ends". Fortunately, for us, we had gotten a good spot on Main Street in the shade...it was pretty hot outside. You know, since it's supposed to be SUMMER!

Sunday we elected to skip church and slept in. I got up at 7 and made cinnamon rolls and coffee and then when we were all ready, we headed to my IL's part of the country for Jon's niece Heather's bridal shower. It was a great time. And believe it or not, both my sister-in-laws wore the same color top as I did. Guess it was just that kind of day! We left Matthew behind at Grandma's.

My wonderful sister-in-law, Elaine, and her family live on a hobby farm and have a very extensive veggie garden. And guess who got to benefit from that garden? US! Yay! So, then I spent most of Monday blanching and freezing a whole host of veggies and every windowsill on my front porch is filled with ripening tomatoes. Totally awesome!

Yesterday, I cleaned house and washed clothes. My MIL seemed surprised that I didn't spend time eating bonbons and shopping while the boys were gone, guess she'll never learn. LOL Then we met at my BIL's house and had dinner together and of course, we brought the boys home last night. Caleb is sunburned and Matthew seems pretty tired, but all in all, I think a great time was had!

No pictures for this post, but I do have a bit of an entertaining story for you.....

So, as I'm sure you know, I have been allowing Matthew to wear his hair long. He hasn't had anything other than a bang trim since last September. It drives me crazy, but my wise Mother told me that if this is the only way he chooses to rebel, I need to thank my lucky stars and go with it.


So, there are a group of men that decide to go golfing on Sunday; Jon, his dad, his 23-year old nephew Eric, both our boys and Jon's 10-year old nephew Luke. Let's just say that the guy at the golf course called both Matthew and Luke "girls" and they totally took it as a compliment! LOL

So, I'm out for now. We are undertaking the hell known as "school supply shopping" today, so if I don't make it back in 48 hours, please send someone looking for me......LOL

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