28 August 2009

Last Hurrah!

Seems like summer just started. Seriously. And here we are, looking at the last weekend before school starts Tuesday. And guess what? Rain and temps in the SIXTIES in the forecast. Yep, you read that right, the 60's. Global warming my.....oh, never mind.

I have 4 windowsills full of roma tomatoes, thanks to my sister-in-law Elaine. And they are all ripe now, so something needs to be done with them. We aren't big salsa fans, so I was thinking spaghetti sauce; but I can't find a recipe that starts with fresh tomatoes. And it's no good asking my MIL; Jon hates her sauce recipe. Guess that I can come up with one of my own; the worse that will happen is that I'll know better next time, right?

We installed a new garage door opening system last weekend. Well, Jon installed- I "supervised". LOL And asked questions and drove him crazy. It's what I do. Anyway, it took about 5 hours on Saturday between taking the archaic system down and putting the new one up. And guess what? Not a stitch of power. Not to the button on the wall, not to the sensors or the motor. That was frustrating. Well, Jon went as far as to contact the company and they said that since he hadn't had the system professionally installed (yeah, we're paying for that, not), the only thing he could do is to take it all down, box it up and try and exchange it at the store of purchase.

Sure, he'll do that. But that was Monday and he was very, very busy all week at work, so I think that he and M get around to taking it down on Wednesday. (I was "busy" watching the 'Beatles Anthology- Part 1' on VH1) Well, my husband is generally a man who doesn't think of the obvious things (that's what I'm for, I've been told), but this time he did. He took the motor down and plugged it directly into the wall and waalaa! It fires right up.

Turns out it's the extention from the unit to the wall. So they made a run to get a new extention cord and all is well. He did say he was glad that he thought of that before taking all of the wiring down! :)

Netflix has been fun. We just sent back "Kung Fu Panda" and "Seven Pounds". The boys really liked the animated movie; Jon got home about half way through and then started it again so that he could see it from the beginning. "Seven Pounds" was just okay. I liked "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" better. We should get "Valkrie" and "Open Season 2" before Monday.

I still need to contact the elementary school to see when Meet and Greet is. I assume they have one; but then again.....

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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