31 August 2009


"Ow, my hip!"
"You're not hip, you're old!"

It's how I feel.

In trying to make a *very* long story short, I am seeing my primary care provider about my right hip this afternoon.

Why? Let me tell you. As short a story as I can, I promise. Oh, and here, my dad would crack a joke about the fact that I *am* short; just so you know.

My right leg is 5/8" shorter than my left. Always has been, always will be; due to my premature birth and stroke at 2 weeks of age. Not that big a deal, really.

I have had 2 heel-cord lengthening surgeries in my life; one at age 3 and one at age 7. Yep, I do remember bits and pieces of prior to surgery at age 7, and definitely remember the day my cast was removed, but that's for another time.

To compensate of sorts for the length difference, I have always stood on my toe on the right side. Not a big deal, really. When I was 14, my parents took me to Shriner's Hospital for Children in Minneapolis for a consult. The long and short of that story is that since I do spend so much time on my toes, doctors were concerned that my hip socket spends time separated and would prematurely 'dry out' and cause me pain. And chances were fairly good that I was at that point looking at a total hip replacement by age 30.

Here's the part where I admit my age and tell you that I am less than a month from my 35th birthday.

Off and on over the last three years or so, I have noticed when I have overworked that side. Walked too far, too much bending down, that sort of thing. I take it easy for a day or so and things return to normal. You know, as normal as they get. LOL

In the last year, I have had quite a bit of trouble with the sciatic on that side and since we spent nearly 19 hours in the car traveling back and forth for my Grandma's funeral, I've pretty much had some level of discomfort or pain.

Now, it's not "labor without drugs" kind of pain. I've done that, so I know. But it is, "make a wrong move and REALLY wish you hadn't" kind of pain. And I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. What I don't have is a high tolerance for listening to my husband demand that I see the doctor. So after talking with my Mom yesterday, I made an appointment for this afternoon.

My fear is that he will try to send me to physical therapy. I honestly think that we are past that point. Mom said to express to him all that I know and after that, if he's smart, he'll order an x-ray. At which point an orthopedist will look at it and tell me how much more time I have left before surgery. And it'd be nice to get some pain meds too. I'm sick to death of the pain preventing me from falling asleep at night. And any position for too long is a REALLY bad idea. Including sitting here to write this post, so I'm out.

I'd appreciate your prayers and will keep you posted as best I can.


Missy said...

I can't imagine the pain. I will be praying for you.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your pain! Praying for you!

Nan said...

Hope they can dome something noninvasive to help you out. My hip has been messed up for about 3 years now...not sure what is going on!