14 August 2009

honorable mention

Guess I forgot to tell you that Dad has had a change in treatment plan for the prostate cancer.

You know, with all the other crap that has been swirling around in my brain lately. Ugh.

He met with his doctor and instead of doing radiation therapy will now have surgery. On September 3rd.

The thing about radiation is that it would kill the cancer, but it would also kill surrounding tissue, which in effect may make his Crohn's symptoms worse.

I'm happy to tell you that Dad really has felt pretty well physically for the last week or so; no real symptoms to speak of, so that's good.

He will be out of work for most of September and will come home from the hospital with a catheter; the catheter stays in place for up to two weeks. Sorry if that was total TMI.......

As luck would have it, he used the last of his PTO (paid time off) for the YEAR when he was in the hospital the end of July. So he doesn't have ANY pto for surgery or recovery.

But God is good, and in control. You see, Dad's co-workers found out about his surgery and have donated to him little bits of THEIR pto, so that he can still be paid during most of his time off in September.

Isn't that COOL!?!

On a completely unrelated side note, it's time for "kids at Grandma's"! Woohoo! Caleb left yesterday; my sister-in-law came to pick him up- and I will take Matthew when I go to attend Jon's niece's bridal shower on Sunday. Matthew is marching in his third parade of the year tomorrow, but we will be kid free from Sunday night til Tuesday night! Woohoo!

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Missy said...

God is good and He is in control and only He knows what we can handle.

How exciting to know that there are still good people in the world that care for others.