12 February 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I have developed a serious addiction to diet Mt. Dew. I *know* that it isn't good for me but I really don't care.

J bought a "new to us" Honda Civic this week. It was built the year we had our first child. ha ha.

I haven't seen my best friend since before Christmas. She changed job locations and we moved and it's just been really difficult to connect. I hate that.

She and I do hope to meet in town tomorrow night for dinner.

I haven't seen my other best friend since summer of '05. We hope to change that this spring if she can come to WI to visit her sister. I haven't ever seen her youngest son except in pictures.

I was so ticked yesterday when I left the salon. How can someone spend 20 minutes cutting my hair and then decide that it needs the blow dryer? Can you say "frizz city"? I looked like an over-blown chinchilla when I left. Hopefully, after a wash and *air dry* today, it won't be so bad.

I miss my family.

My brother and his girlfriend get the chance to find out the gender of their baby this month. I want to know, but I don't. J said that if I cave and let D tell me, I'm to keep it to myself. He wants to be surprised.

It wasn't so bad playing "hostess" for my in-laws last weekend. As a matter of fact, don't tell them, but it was kinda fun. I'm actually looking forward to next month when they come for M's band concert. [gasp!]

I get to spend time today covering a Wheat Thins box in red construction paper for the first grade Valentine party. After I had been into town to pick up my car *and* run all my errands, C informed me after school that he needed to decorate a box for the party and it's due Friday. When I asked him how many days he knew about that, he's reply was "Several, Mom. But the noise on the bus was so loud, I kept forgetting."

He's lucky that Daddy could stop in a neighboring town to get construction paper, since the last "last minute" project killed my supply.

He's also lucky I love him.


Helen said...

My mom is a total Diet Mt. Dew addict. They're arriving in town tomorrow for several days and I'm sure she'll buy a supply of Diet Dew to drink while she's here :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I miss my family too- they all live in Minnesota.
But I don't know if I'll EVER enjoy a visit from my in-laws. Unless they take us to dinner at Red Lobster. Then I'll think about it. ;-)