02 February 2009

Last Words

(Don't forget, a new week begins today for Comments for Cans!)

Yesterday afternoon, as we were waiting for the Super Bowl to begin, M and I got sucked into a CSI: marathon on Spike TV.

One episode that aired was where Nick Stokes is kidnapped while collecting evidence on a case and is buried alive.

He is unaware that the CSI: team is tracking his every move via webcam and gets to the point where he thinks that he will not survive. So he pulls out a tape recorder and starts to speak to people in his life that made a difference to him.

This part of the episode always makes me tear up and seeing it yesterday made me think.

If I knew my life would end tomorrow, what would I say to those that I loved?

How much more important is it to always tell your loved ones how you feel because you never know which minute could be your last?

Not that we need to live life paralyzed by fear of losing those we love. Just to make the most of every opportunity to tell them how we feel.

It’s important.

(In case you've never seen the episode, Nick is rescued just in time.)

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