05 February 2009

Disappointment According to Google

First of all, a couple of things. I apologize if the comment feature on this blog has not been working for you. I made some adjustments yesterday, and hopefully the problem is taken care of.

Next, we are up to seven for Comments for Cans this week! Thanks!

Also, it's a small world, even in the big blogging world! I have discovered this week that the author of one of the blogs that I read and I are practically neighbors!! That's pretty exciting and I hope that she and I would get a chance to meet very soon! (If she wants to, of course. ;) )

Wait....that was three things. Oh well.
Anyway, with those things out of the way.....on to my post.

One of the blogs that I regularly read had an interesting suggestion the other day. I could type my name into Google and get an interesting, although not entirely accurate accounting of myself.

Now, when you have a name like mine, it is so popular that there isn’t much left to Google’s imagination by the time you get there. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) [eyeroll] So, knowing that I'm sure I've seen what Google comes up with for my first name before, and don't need to see it again, I type in my whole name and Google comes up with several web hits that all include my last name and have it spelled INCORRECTLY. My husband's nemesis- the correct spelling of his last name.

That won’t work. Hmmmm, what now?

So, I go with just my first and my middle name, which by the way, isn’t Lynn. (Thank goodness for that!)

Google’s infinite wisdom [right] takes me to a popular social networking site to the page of a person who I always [thought I] wanted to be. You know, in high school- land of self loathing and self centeredness? Blech.

She’s blonde, tall……wait. That’s all that I saw that I ever wanted to aspire to. The rest was just a barrage of things that I wish I hadn’t had to see…..and I didn’t even scroll down the page.

Blonde won’t work for me. Thanks to a failed attempt at being blonde in seventh grade (read: obnoxious, not-good-at-all strawberry blonde...Mom did try her hardest to talk me out of it...and I hated it, btw), I know that will never be.

Tall? Nope, wrong again. My Dad is all he can be at six foot tall and my Mom is most recently five three and a half. I’m all of five foot two on my very best day. My siblings got what height there was to be had at 5’7” and 5’10”. And they are both younger.

I guess that leaves me not at all interested and a little disappointed in what Google has to say about me.

Because it’s too late to change my name to something like Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
Yes, I know....I couldn't help myself.


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