13 February 2009

Brought to you by the number 100.

This is the 100th post for this blog.

Starting this blog, back in August of 2008, I wanted to consciously spend more quality time with my boys and husband. I don't blog about it much, but I think that I have done that. The blog has also given me an outlet for my thoughts, crazy though they be, that I never thought of using before then.

In the last 100 posts:

**We've seen another summer and fall pass. And we're a good portion through winter and are on our way to spring!

**Matthew started sixth grade, played his seventh season of soccer, began playing the trumpet for band.

**He also joined a new youth group and got to go on a 3 day winter retreat.

**He was placed in a seventh grade math course and so far his lowest grade has been a B-. He also was recently moved from 2nd trumpet in band to 1st.

**He got his own room, decorated it himself, keeps it relatively clean and makes his bed every morning without prompting.

** I've also released some of my control and let him grow out his hair. It kills me, but it's good for me to start letting go, ya know? The kid is almost 12.5, LOL. (I need to get a pic of the hair for you to appreciate it.....)

**Caleb started first grade. My baby....in first grade....where does that time go exactly?

**He's coming a long way with his reading. Every day, he surprises me with words that he can sound out today that he couldn't before.

**He got his own room too. He wasn't too excited about the separation at first, until I told him that it meant that he could be the boss of his very own space....then he was all over it.

**He makes me smile every day. Something he's done is silly or exciting and every day I smile.

**He tests my patience too, don't get me wrong. But as frustrated as I get sometimes, he teaches me how to be a better parent and ultimately, a better person.

**We looked at...let's see...six or seven houses in our "price range" before we stumbled upon this one. And this one was the best of the bunch, I'll tell ya that. Okay, maybe 2nd best..but the price was more what we could afford on this one. It's all good.

**We celebrated our last Christmas as apartment dwellers. We moved in here on December 27, 2008; that made Christmas a bit chaotic, but fun at the same time. We'll always remember it, that's for sure.

**I had to quit my supervisor job at the school because of the commute costs. They were willing to let me keep it, but the 45 minute drive one way for $8.25 a day was too much. I miss it almost every day. But being home full time has given me a chance to focus a bit on myself, which I've been told I don't do nearly enough. So, maybe it was okay.

**Jon and I recently started going on a Saturday morning breakfast date. Now that Matthew is old enough, we let him watch Caleb for small stretches and they seem to be doing okay with that. Just a couple hours of alone time with my husband makes my week, I'll tell ya that!

**We junked one car and bought another. Wait...there was almost a month between...that left me here in my tiny village with no transportation. Made me really happy when Jon called me to tell me that he purchased a car. I felt like a freed bird!

**I've seen my family once, at Thanksgiving.

**I found out that two of my closest friends are expecting babies, along with my baby brother and his girlfriend. (He's 24!) That will hopefully mean a lot of baby snuggling in my future!

**And most importantly, my faith has been stretched. I'm learning all over again the phrase "not my will, but Thine". And it's bringing me such peace.

Thanks for embarking on this look back with me...here's to 100 more posts!!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I, for one, am glad you moved to the area! ;-)