04 February 2009

An Angel

I didn't sleep well last night, so if this gets to be a jumbled mess....please forgive me.

On January 21, a high school friend of mine gave birth to a little boy. He was delivered by emergency c-section and immediately taken to Childrens Hospital in Chicago for surgery on a heart condition.

The next few days are a roller coaster ride of good and not so good. Surgery for the little guy went well, but he was still at great risk for complications. Doctors placed him on ECMO with the hopes that after a few days, he would be strong enough to wean off the machine.

C does well and friends all over the country are giving thanks to God for His protection of this little guy and the comfort that his parents feel. My friend left several FB messages about how she and her husband could feel the power of everyone's prayers.

Yesterday morning, C developed bleeding in his brain and he had to be taken off ECMO. Friends, myself included, pray even harder for baby C and his mommy and daddy.

That sweet baby breathed his last breath around 4pm yesterday. I received a call from a mutual friend last night around 8pm; she didn't want me reading about the baby without telling me first.
My heart is broken. For M and K, for C's big sister, for the whole family. I can't even imagine.

Please, I know this is vague for privacy and the details are sketchy at best, but could you just lift up my friend and her family? This pain is nearly unbearable, but I have faith that the God we serve will see them through.

I appreciate your prayers and I know M will too.

Hug your babies tightly.


Heather said...

Oh I know sis I will be praying for them I know how they are feeling right now and I thank God for the babies I have.

~~Missy~~ said...

I am so sorry to hear this. *(
I will certainly be praying for all of those involved.