01 October 2008

It's good to get together.

Maybe I need to post this because it's fresh in my heart; maybe because I'm trying to avoid my workout. Anyway.....

I had the opportunity last night to get together with two of my very dearest friends. We met at a restaurant just blocks away from my house, ate pie and talked and giggled. We probably disturbed other tables around us quite a bit, but we didn't get any dirty looks or anything.

It's good to laugh. It releases endorphins that are great for your body. And it's fun. And the opportunity to just focus on something else for a time can't be beat with a stick either.

I developed a raging headache about 2 hours before we were supposed to meet and got real serious with an Excedrin Migraine and a huge bottle of water. Thank goodness that did the trick; I would have hated to have to cancel.

I just feel very blessed to have friends that care enough about me to drag me out of the house and make me laugh. I never regret getting together.

Thanks, girls!

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