21 October 2008

Thankful Tuesday!

I'd like to start a new "tradition" and post my 'thankful things' on Tuesday. This is a special Tuesday anyway, so it seems more than appropriate.

Here goes......

Today I am thankful for:

1. Thirteen years of marriage today. While it hasn't been all sun and roses, it has made us stronger as individuals and as a team!

2. The traits of our 12 year old son that allowed him to be Safety Patrol Captain this year.

3. Our six year old's thirst for learning and love of school. I know that won't last forever. :)

4. My sister. One poster on a message board that I frequent was sad earlier this week for not having a close relationship with her sister. I am thankful that I do.

5. The sunshine. Soon comes the cold, dreary Wisconsin winters and it won't make an appearance nearly as often.

6. My parents' marriage. Thirty six years this week! What a blessing that is to me!

Give thanks!

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