28 October 2008


Pumpkin carving for Halloween isn't something we did when I was a kid. And we haven't done it at all since M went to kindergarten. That year, his class took the trip to the pumpkin patch and he *really* wanted to carve a pumpkin. So we did. J even carved one for C, who was around 8 months old at that time. I have some really sweet pictures of the two boys with their finished pumpkins from that Halloween that I couldn't for the life of me locate last night. Maybe they are with my missing earrings. Anyway, I digress.

C was definitely more excited to do this. To start. His excitement waned a bit looking at the "slimy, disgusting guts". J pretty much took over from there.

J is carving while C watches.

C decided that he wanted to carve the eyebrow.

The finished product! Thanks, Daddy!

M wanted to do his himself. He did scoop out the guts and scrape the inside on his own. He even transfered the pattern on his own. But as soon as he went to his Dad for help getting the cutting started, something in J took over and he cut the whole thing. Whatever.

M discovered this pattern to be tougher than he thought.

Dad is both the gut scooper and the carver, I guess.

M proudly displaying his pumpkin!

And finally, the finished pumpkins!

All I did was dig through the bowl of gunk for all the seeds. Speaking of which, I need to go get them roasting now. Yum!

Happy Halloween!

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~~Missy~~ said...

Looks like fun for all 3 kids! ;)