13 October 2008

I'm back!

Or at least back doing something that I enjoy. And btw, I know that I already was here for today, but I was so excited that I really couldn't wait for tomorrow.

First, a little back story. When the "stamping" craze started, I had a neighbor, Lisa, that got sucked in. She had a party and I bought a multi-colored ink pad, two stamps and some note cards. I really thought that I wasn't going to get into it; boy, was I wrong.

Fast forward a bit and I am so into it that the Christmas before C is born, I make all our Christmas cards. Now, I didn't think to start early, no. I waited until about a week after Turkey day and then worked feverishly to get all 50 done in time to send out. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, I got burned out so bad that I hadn't opened my supplies since. We're talking about SIX years.

Today I decided that I wanted to get back into it and got out my supplies. Again, I don't need to tell you, but I will anyway.....some of the ink pads were very dry and therefore useless. As I'm looking over my supplies in dispair, J comes home.

J: "You busy?"

Me: "Nope. I wanna be, but my supplies are uninspiring."

J: "Well, there's money in the checkbook and Hobby Lobby isn't far. Go get some new supplies."

Me: *shocked and amazed* "Okay. I promise to not spend more than $50."

God, how I love Hobby Lobby. If I hadn't been leaving the house only an hour before the boys' arrival from school, I'd still be there. That place is all ready for CHRISTMAS! Yippee!! My absolute favorite holiday!! And the best part? All the "Stuff" that I was looking for was 30% off!! Double Yippee!!

I completely behaved, spent just over $20 and here is a pic of my work.

I figure if I create one or two a day, I can have them all created in the next 3 weeks or so. That should even give me a few for people that I forgot to have on my list.

Maybe tomorrow while I work, I'll play Christmas music.

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