04 February 2010

burst ***UPDATED***

***My sincere apologies for the video not playing this morning. And as we were away until about an hour ago, I had no idea. Thanks to those who let me know so that I could change settings!!***

As I mentioned in this post, Matthew was selected for Honors Band this year.
Among the standing-room-only crowd, if I'd had buttons, they'd have burst. I was really proud of him and all the students from his school who worked so hard to make the concert great.

Being a Honors Choir girl myself, I got particularly emotional when the choir started to sing their first piece. Those are some great memories that I have of the concerts that I was selected to participate in way back when......good times.

I have a video piece to share with you. Now, I know that sometimes when it comes to video, less is more, and for all the other pieces of music, I took clips that were less than 30 seconds in length. But this was the last piece, and the piece that I had heard most often coming from the bedroom...so I chose to hang on and get the entire song.

Trust me when I say that Matthew is seated on the left, about the center of the screen. That's our boy!

Please enjoy "Military Escort" performed by the Eastern Valley Conference Middle School Band.

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Esther said...

Wow--for a middle school band, that's impressive! Thanks for sharing--I miss being in band!