03 February 2010

back in the saddle again

Having Jon home full time for the last twelve work days has been interesting. To say that it's kinda thrown me off my game would be an understatement.

To be fair, it's his game that got cancelled, but this is about me that isn't the point of this post right at the moment.

Seems that I have a bit of a hang-up when it comes to exercising. I like to workout when I am the only one here. Well, besides the kitten. I don't like anyone to be watching me, asking what I'm doing, or commenting on how I could be doing it better.

Not that Jon does any of those things- except that first one.

I had a pretty consistent date with my treadmill for about three weeks. I had figured out a good speed that didn't hurt while I was doing it, but still seemed to put me in the "zone" for burning calories.

I was losing weight and feeling great.

Getting interrupted killed that, you know.

How many workouts have I done in the last twelve weekdays? All of two. I admit, I suck. But no more. I'm back at it again today, armed with my bottle of Tylenol Arthritis for the aftermath.

I gotta.

By the way, just think good thoughts for Jon this afternoon. He has an interview for a position that, I think he will take as long as the company can come close to his salary requirement. It sounds as though it'd be a good fit for him. I'll keep you posted on that as much as I can.......

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Esther said...

I'm praying! For both of you! :-)