09 February 2010

mish mash

I woke at 4:30 and couldn't really decide whether to post a Thankful Tuesday or a Post-It note Tuesday, so you're getting both.

Lucky you. heeheehee

First...the thankful....

I am more thankful than ever for our church family. As much as the little things get on my nerves, our little church family means everything to us. We've felt that they have lifted our family in prayer and we're very humbled to be so loved!

Not every day has been the "best day EVER", but I'm thankful for this extra time with my husband. Things could be changing very quickly, as in the next few days, to where he is back to being away more than he is home. So I'm trying to soak in every second of the time we have right now.

And now, the Post It.....


Jennifer said...

Thinking of you as you face some upcoming time away from your husband.

In the past two months, mine's been away more than he's been home - and it's only going to get busier.

Enjoy your time together!

~ Jennifer

BNM said...

Lol!! The good, the bad, and the teenager!! I love that!!