27 September 2011

in the midst of the storm

Like many families during this time, even some we know on a personal level, we're experiencing a change in our financial situation.  Unfortunately, ours is a consequence of irresponsibility from years ago and something we knew was coming, but now that it's here, we've just gotta buckle down and plow through.

Generally, I'm a pretty good worrier.  For some reason, it's been rooted deep in me, even though my upbringing in a Christian home totally points out the uselessness of worry.  Jesus commands us not to worry, as He sees our needs and time and time again proves His faithfulness if we just trust Him.  I've seen it.

One thing that I can tell you is that I feel as though I've grown in my faith as recently as the last several months.  I've been leading worship for several weeks and that being so, I'm finding myself immersed in God's word and music and the combination has been invaluable to me.

So much so that I've left our current situation in the hands of our Father.  I'm not worried.  Jon may think that is a preposterous notion, but it's true.  I've talked to the boys; we read the Matthew chapter 6 passage on worry last night over dinner.  Not that we just intend to demand that the Lord bail us out of our situation; rather that we're planning to do what we can, continue to give our tithes and offerings faithfully and trust that He will provide what we NEED.

He gave me everything I have; my life, my health, my family...and I firmly believe that He's not about to let me down now.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

26 September 2011

win, win

Having lost 43 pounds to date, I've got a whole mess of clothes in my closet that no longer fit. While I've never consciously approached my eating and exercise knowing that my "fat" clothes were there if I needed them, in recent weeks, I've found myself slacking just a bit too much in getting the exercise to maintain my loss and eating what's best, not just what's quickest.

Since school got out in June, I've hovered between 150-155. I can still wear all my smaller clothes, but in reality, I've got twenty more pounds I want to lose before I start a maintenance phase.

But I've got all those clothes. I don't want to wear them EVER AGAIN, but I didn't have the motivation to do the legwork to go through them to get them sorted so I could part with them in peace.

That is, until yesterday.

We've some dear family friends who are opening their hearts and their home to two very special girls from Bulgaria. The process in lengthy and expensive. One thing the family is doing to raise money for their adoption fund for the girls is to have a rummage sale at the church this coming Saturday.

Enter my chance to get rid of my fat clothes.

I started going through my closet last night and I've already collected a whole box of items to donate to the sale. And I know that once I get to the basement, I'm bound to find some clothes that Caleb's outgrown also that we've no need to hang on to. Anything that's in good shape can go to the sale and we'll be absolutely thrilled to donate our proceeds to the family's fund.

Anything to bring these little girls home.