11 February 2010


Some time ago, my friend Missy over at Are You There, God? It's Me. gave me an award. I remember thinking about how nice of her that was to award me, and I thanked her. Then, in my classic fashion, I forgot about it.

So, I need to pass it on.....

So, here goes. I hereby pass the 'Circle of Friends' award to:

** Esther over at The Mommy Diaries. She and I started out as just readers of each other's blogs. Then when we bought this house last year, we discovered that we lived only 2 towns apart. She's becoming a great friend!

**And Amanda over at 'Popp'ing out one letter at a time. We haven't had the chance to meet in person yet, but she lives in the same town as my best friend, so hopefully soon. She's got adorable kids and a great blog!

Thanks, ladies, for letting us into your lives for a little bit of time each day!


Liz Mays said...

You deserve that award. Congratulations!

Esther said...

You're so sweet! Thank you!