15 January 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday!

1. It was apparently WayBack Week on Facebook. Who thinks of this stuff? That meant that to participate, you needed to post a picture of yourself when you were younger. Quite a few of my friends were participating, so I decided "what the heck!" Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I don't really have any pictures of myself. Not that there aren't any; there are, my mom just has them. Not even a senior picture, which was disappointing. But I was able to find an old camp picture and posted it yesterday. I'm unsure of the date, but I do know that it was taken anywhere from July of 1990- September of 1992. Yep, just by virtue of the fact that I'm wearing my hs boyfriend's sweatshirt. :)

2. I hate liars. But do you know what I hate more? When one of my kids looks me in the face and blatantly lies. Like I don't know what he's trying to pull. Makes me crazy. More on that later. Or maybe not.

3. I visited my friend Carrie late last week. She and her husband had a brand new baby boy just four days before Christmas. Baby J sure is a cutie and he is so sweet. I told Carrie that's how someone gets to thinking that "just one more wouldn't be so bad". And then the second born is hell on wheels! Haha. She's been around Caleb since he was around six months old, so she has first hand experience that it can happen!

4. I'm so proud of my Mom. I always knew that she was one tough cookie when I was a kid, but her battle with breast cancer in the last five years has made me want to be more like her. Not that I want to endure anything that she has been through; just that I could maybe come through something like that just as she has- with more grace, patience and strength than ever before. I love you, Mom!

5. Jon's marking time as an employee at his current job. It's just a matter of time really, before the boss realizes the awful position he's in and decides to call it quits. Lock the doors, we are no more, kind of quits. That's making me anxious, but Jon says that things are already in place for him to work doing almost the exact same thing for his current supervisor. Since I know that may be the case, it is almost better, in my opinion to be sooner rather than later. But for now, we hang on; what else can we do?

6. Dad's doing pretty well too. He dumped the doctor who thought that the only treatment for the Crohn's was the most extreme and is now seeing a new doctor. He's been placed on a new medication that while it is going to take about three months to build up in his system, if it works, that'll be the treatment. End of story. He sounded so good when I talked to him yesterday after Mom got out of surgery. And that was a relief to me since, believe it or not, I've had three nightmares since Christmas that he died. Not cool.

7. I'm on a mission for this year. To get to a healthy weight and stay there. So far, since New Year's Eve, I've lost four and a half pounds. I'm using the treadmill five to six times a week. That's it. While it's not Biggest Loser speed, it's a speed I can live with now. And more importantly, live with after I get to where I'm going. "Slow and steady wins the race", as my mother inlaw likes to say!

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Jennifer said...

Stress and worry does horrible things to us that sometimes manifests in our dreams. Which is horrible because then we lose sleep and end up stressing and worrying more. I'm glad your dad is feeling better.

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