01 October 2009

Trick or treat!

**With nothing much to write about today, I've taken some help from this great site.**

Today, the following is posed.....

***Okay, so you obviously didn’t you get the memo that informed you that we’ve moved Trick or Treat to tonight instead of on Halloween. You have no candy in the house and all the kids are ringing your doorbell, what will you hand out for treats?***

Well, knowing the old rule that everything home made must be thrown away, I do know that if I could, I'd run quick to the convenience station on the corner and grab a case of candy bars. I know, it's cheating. And none of those silly 'one bite and you're done' types either....full size bars are the way to go!

But, if I wasn't going to be allowed to sneak out of the house for a run, the only thing that is in the house right now is a "big pack" of strawberry Nutri-grain bars. So the first 16 little beggars would be in luck and then I'd just have to turn out the porch light and pretend not to be here.

What would YOU do?

1 comment:

Esther said...

Oooh. Wow. The kids would probably be mad, because it's the day before grocery shopping. So they'd get some mac n' cheese crackers, raisins, some apples...maybe even a green pepper. Or Tomatoes! I have PLENTY of those.