30 September 2009

not-so-wordless Wednesday

It's homecoming week!

Remember homecoming week? Pajama day, backward clothing day and orange and blue day stick out in my memory.

Seems that all the schools get in on the fun around here, not just the highschool. So far, Caleb has participated in Super Hero day and Crazy Hat day.

Guess what today was?

Come on, guess......

mismatch day.

Okay, this is the kid that at LEAST twice a week, without fail, has to be persuaded to make a return trip to his room for clothing that doesn't look like this.

this day was permitted, since it was apparently the best that he could dig up.

But this morning, he comes down in a black pair of pants and a yellow shirt with a monster truck on it. When I asked him about it, he said, "Mom, I'm wearing black. Nothing goes with black."

Imagine the despair on his face when I told him that no, everything goes with black. At least when one has the fashion sense of a seven year old.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

We have dress up days in March during Lutheran Schools week. Imagine my dismay on MEDIEVAL day. Ethan ended up dressing as Robin Hood!

We're excited for the parade on Friday!

Missy said...

Too cute!