15 September 2009

round two

Sometimes being a parent is awesome. I loved when the boys were small and they would run up to me, put their chubby little arms around my leg and say "I wuve you, Mama".

I have beamed with pride at every band concert. At the first one, I even cried. Thankfully, no one noticed but Jon and he understands; he knows that half the time, I can't even help crying at commercials.

But sometimes being a parent is hard. It's scary, it sucks and I don't like it.

If you read here regularly, and THANK YOU!, you know that over recent days, we had some trouble with Caleb medically. Scary, really scary, trouble. Which, as you know, resulted in him missing the entire week of school last week. He was seen by his pediatrician on Thursday and cleared to reenter the world yesterday.

Imagine my joy when Matthew started complaining of not feeling well on Friday. And I called my Mom in frustration (and for advice) on Friday evening to tell her that Matthew's temp was 101.8 and "what in the world do we do now?" She advised me to keep an eye on him and have him see the doctor if he wasn't fever free once the weekend was over.

So, you guessed it. Yesterday after my physical therapy appointment at 10am, I had a follow-up with our family doctor at 12:30, and as wonders would have it, I could get Matthew into the 12:45 slot for the day.

Yep. Knowing that Caleb tested positive for Influenza A the previous week, the doctor advised that Matthew be out of school this week. For the ENTIRE week. Since, you know, they are trying to keep the flu from spreading and this is really the only way to do it.

After the doctor's office, we hit McDonald's drive thru and headed home. I dropped him off at home and then continued on to his school to turn in the doctors note and make the request to pick up his assignments.

That poor secretary. When I mentioned to her that Matthew was out, she asked me why. As soon as she heard "infl....", she grabs a paper and a notebook and starts asking me questions.

"Every case, even probable ones, need reported to the county", she told me.

After just the general questions, she put her head in her hands and sighed. Apparently I wasn't the only one that day to bring that news into the building.

Oh boy!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I am PRAYING that this stays in the public school. And not at St. Martin. And praying for you and Matthew, too, friend!